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Who are lone workers?

"Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision. Anybody who works alone, including contractors, self-employed people and employee, is classed as a lone worker."

What if I am a lone worker, working from home?

"An employer has the same responsibility for the safety and health of employees who work from home as for any other employees. The employer should accept liability for accident or injury of a homeworker as for any other employee." 
Source: Health & Safety Authority

What do I need for my Lone Workers?

What is most suitable for each lone worker - Device, App or Check-in Timer?
Who will respond when an alarm is activated?

In an ever changing world, lone workers, managers and responders need a solution that will address their current needs and will also adapt to their future needs.

With our wide range of smart devices, apps and services, a solution to current needs is available and if they change, then these can be enhanced to meet the new challenges your lone workers face.

When an alarm is activated a response is initiated in seconds, and by people who understand the lone workers environment. Delivering alerts directly to co-workers, team leads and managers will ensure the fastest informed response.  

Solutions for all environments

  • Deliver a safer working environment for all Lone Workers
  • Raise an alarm easily with True Man Down detection
  • Apps for iOS and Android with SOS and True Man Down
  • Dedicated Lone Worker devices with SOS and True Man Down
  • GPS and Indoor Positioning

Catering for individual needs

Choosing the right device, app or feature will protect the lone worker without impeding on their normal work practices.

Our broad range of devices, apps and features deliver the best solution to cater for the users environment and the risks associated with their daily tasks.

Respond to alarms from anywhere

Use our fully automated solution, Aspect Link, to manage alarms from any Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone or Featurephone.

Aspect Link delivers alarms in seconds to the people who need to know

Aspect Link is designed to be easy to use and there when you need it. 

Every Lone Worker can have a different set of responders, keeping Team Leads, Department managers, HR, Security... informed about their peoples safety. 

What do I need for my Home Workers?

How do I provide a simple and cost effective solution to keep them safe?
I don't want to add workload but I want to be sure they are safe.

Keeping it simple

While working from home, risks such as illness or accidental injury still apply.

We've tailored our iPhone and Android apps to help provide home workers with a simple set of tools to keep them safe. We've also added a WiFi only device for users without a smartphone or who have limited coverage.

Home Working

  • Easily extend your Duty of Care to Home Workers
  • Stay compliant without adding additional workload
  • Web Dashboard for MD's, H&S, Managers and Team Leaders
  • Full compliance audit automatically compiled
  • Simple to use app for iOS and Android or WiFi Keyfob
  • Deliver alarms directly to people who need to know
  • Dedicated solution to better protect people working from home

Respond to Alarms from anywhere

From our fully automated solution, Aspect Link, you can manage alarms from any Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone or Featurephone.

Aspect Link delivers alarms to the people who need to know in seconds

Keep track of who's Home Working

At a glance you can see who is Home Working and their most recent status. 

Individual logons provide Team Leads, Department Managers, HR, Security etc. with focused access to the people they're responsible for. 

Stay informed, without adding workload