Over the past 15 years we've gained extensive knowledge on what works best and what features are needed by individual lone workers. Apart from an SOS button, considerations such true man down detection, overt or covert activation, indoor and outdoor positioning, ruggedness and many more have developed into a wide range of devices, apps and services that provide the most appropriate solution for every lone worker 

Lone worker Man Down
for iPhone

Simple to use app provides an effective method for raining an alarm. On-screen SOS button and True Man Down

Lone worker Man Down
for Android

Simple to use app with advanced indoor positioning. On-screen SOS button and True Man Down

Lone worker Man Down Dedicated Devices

Lone Worker devices dedicated to the task of providing Emergency SOS, Man Down and Location

ATEX Devices

Intrinsically safe ATEX smartphones and dedicated lone worker devices

Rugged Smartphones

Smartphones for harsh environments with Lone Worker, Man Down and Location

True Man Down

True Man Down differs significantly from Fall Detection and delivers better protection