Aspect Link
For Lone Workers & Home Workers


Directly alert the people who need to know

  • Delivers alert directly to ensure the fastest response
  • Receive alerts on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Locate users outdoors without tracking
  • Locate users indoors without expensive infrastructure


Aspect Link is an automated alarm management solution dedicated to the safety of it users.

It's designed to be easy to use and provide piece of mind to employee as well as the employer.

Lone Workers and Home Workers use the same system with any lone worker device or app, providing a common platform for all.

At a glance, Management, Team Leads, HR, and other nominated persons can see who's lone working, who's home working, current status, history and more.

With the uncomplicated interfaces and full automation, Aspect Link delivers unparalleled safety, ease of deployment and ongoing management for all its users.

Aspect Link is a tried and tested solution with over 15 years of user feedback, design and development.

Protection for Lone Workers

Get help in 3 steps

  1. Activate an SOS or Man Down alarm or fail to check-in
  2. Alarm processed in seconds by Aspect Link
  3. Responders are alerted with alarm and mapping information

Different environments require different solutions. Our broad range of apps and devices deliver solutions for all lone workers and home workers.

Diverse organisations who require many different solutions are catered for in a single common platform for all users

Location without limitations

With a mobile workforce it is not always possible to obtain a GPS/GNSS position, especially while indoors. Intelligent positioning understands these geographic limitations and automatically switches between GNSS and indoor positioning when needed.

Working indoors or outdoors

  • Aspect Link caters for all users and locates them indoors or outdoors

Factory, Office, Care Home, School, University

  • The fastest response will be from people nearby

Council, Logistics, Utility or Farming

  • Working in remote locations or moving constantly, you want people who know and understand the area to respond

Working from home

Managers, Supervisors, Safety Officers and Team Leads are given peace of mind, and confidence that their staff are being actively taken care of. While at the same time helping to reduce the sense of isolation and loneliness for the Home Worker.

Aspect Link's intelligent home worker features protect its users without cumbersome procedures or intrusive tasks

  • In an emergency, get help from co-workers, friends, family or neighbours
  • Immediate Emergency SOS button
  • Detect if a user has become incapacitated
  • Periodic "Are You Ok?" automated checks with shake to confirm
  • "Time 4 a Break" notifications to ensure breaks are taken
  • “Finish 4 The Day” notifications to help prevent burnout